Ships in Port

See the vessels coming and going from Hamilton Harbour.

Sustainability Report

HPA’s first ever report on sustainability actions.

Randle Reef

The $138.9M Randle Reef Contaminated Sediment Remediation project involves the remediation of approximately 695,000 m3 of contaminated sediments in Hamilton Harbour

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2019 First Ship Contest

When will the first ship make its way into Hamilton Harbour in 2019? The First Ship Contest is back! As the largest port in ...
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BCLG Invites You to Attend ‘Joseph Brant: The Man and The Museum’

The Beach Canal Lighthouse Group invites you to join them for a special presentation. Joseph Brant: The Man and The Museum Sunday February 10, ...
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Boating Safety Info Session

Attention boaters! Join us Feb 27 for this informative session. REGISTER: www.hamiltonport.ca/sharingourharbour ...
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New Den for the Tiger Cats at the Port of Hamilton

The Hamilton Tiger Cats Football Club and Forge FC have relocated their administrative offices to a new home at the Port of Hamilton. Renovation ...
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We work with community partners to support prosperity and quality of life in Hamilton.

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The Port of Hamilton is the largest port in Ontario, contributing to $6 billion in economic activity and 38,000 jobs in Ontario.

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Responsible stewardship of Hamilton Harbour underpins all we do.

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