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Port Fuels

Port Fuels and Materials Services Inc (PFMSI) has proposed to build a plasma gasification energy-from-waste facility at the Port of Hamilton (Pier 15)

Port Fuels Plasma Gasification Facility

Port Fuels and Materials Services Inc. (PFMSI) has proposed to build a plasma gasification energy-from-waste facility at the Port of Hamilton (Pier 15). The Port is the host location for this facility, not its proponent or operator, but we have welcomed the company as it undertakes its detailed due diligence, including an environmental screening process, overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC).

What is Plasma Gasification?
Plasma gasification is a non-combustion process that converts non-hazardous organic matter into synthetic gas (‘syngas’) using very high temperature. The syngas is used to feed turbines, which in turn produce electricity. The planned facility is unlike any that has operated, or has been proposed for Hamilton in the past. It is not an incinerator. Some opponents have insisted on using this term for effect, but it is inaccurate and misleading. The plasma gasification process is fully contained, producing no ash or particulate.

HPA’s vision and rationale for welcoming the Port Fuels facility
Cost savings for north end industries

Currently, much of the industrial/commercial waste generated in north Hamilton is landfilled, either locally, or is trucked great distance for landfilling. This facility will allow HPA to reduce waste management costs and environmental impact for north Hamilton businesses by treating the waste close to source.

The energy produced through the waste treatment process also represents an opportunity for HPA to facilitate unique energy programs that will offer port district businesses a competitive advantage. Together, these benefits will help enhance the Port of Hamilton as a business attractor within Ontario, offering the benefits of location, transportation connections, operational savings and reduced environmental footprint.

Job creation and investment

The Port Fuels facility is a $100 million, high-tech investment that will generate between 30 and 50 permanent jobs, as well as 100 construction jobs. Economic development models indicate that port-located facilities offer extended employment benefits of approximately four ancillary jobs for every direct job. Furthermore, the facility will also contribute an estimated $500,000 per year in municipal taxes.

Jump starting a clean tech cluster

HPA is very supportive of the City’s economic cluster approach. Many of the businesses located at the port are connected to the City’s own economic development target sectors: clean tech, advanced manufacturing, transportation and agri-food. We believe the Port Fuels facility is exactly the kind of leading investment that will anchor and attract new businesses in a Hamilton clean tech cluster, and that this development could help to position Hamilton as a global leader in sustainable technology.

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